iPod Touch and MovieMaker -
Students in ESOL used iPod touches to film first person narratives about experiences they had when they first moved to America. They converted these files and then used MovieMaker to add subtitles in English. Some of the stories are published at http://internationalfestival-culturalmosaic.wikispaces.com/

Technology Tour
Students in Sports and Entertainment Marketing and in Business Marketing completed a 45-minute technology tour of Prezi, Animoto, Glogster, Photo Story, and Picnik. Students worked at their own pace to complete the tour, exploring or skimming the technologies as needed. Once finished with the tour, students selected one of the technologies to complete a follow-up assignment given by their teacher.

By rotating through eight different stations set up in the media center, each Healthful Living student learns more about making healthy decisions online.

Interdisciplinary Project - Reading/Book Promotion

Essential Question: How can we make reading appealing to teenagers?
Classes involved - Advanced Marketing, Beginning Choir, Acting I, Creative Writing

Steps and Product:
All classes met together in groups with representation from each class - together the groups decided on a book to promote and brainstormed ideas for a commercial and marketing plan. Then, classes met separately on content-specific parts of the promotional plan. Creative Writing students worked on a script for the commercial, Advanced Marketing students worked on an additional piece of the marketing plan (a Facebook group, a poster, etc.), choir students wrote and practiced a jingle/song for the book. Students used Flip cameras, FlipShare software, Audacity and other technologies to complete their piece.

The classes met together to finalize each piece of the promotional plan and film the commercial and the jingle/song.

Student and Teacher Handouts:


Biology - Mitosis podcast - and Mitosis MovieMaker:
Before collaborating with a librarian, Biology teachers had students learn the process of mitosis by having students complete a flip book. After collaborating with a media specialist, Biology teachers had a differentiated process for working with Honors Biology students and Biology students.

In small groups, students in Honors Biology completed a mitosis lab in class by using materials they brought from home--yarn, pipe cleaners, playdough, buttons. With these materials, students create the stages of mitosis and take digital photographs of each stage. The more pictures students take, the more realistic the movement from stage to stage will appear in their final product. Students work with their partners to write a script to narrate the steps. In the media center, students use Windows Movie Maker to create their digital "flip book" with narration


In Biology, students were required to write a script explaining the steps of mitosis. In the media center, students created a podcast by recording their scripts using Audacity. Students were instructed to record their script in order to accompany the mitosis movement seen on this website: www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/baby/divi_flash.html

Supreme Court Flip Camera Report - Movie Maker:
In Law and Justice, students learn more about the judicial system by working in small groups to research information about a Supreme Court case. When they have collected their research information, students must prepare and record a newscast using a flip camera. Each group member must be part of the recording and serve as news journalists reporting on the events of the Supreme Court case from the opposing sides. After students have completed recording, they edit their newscast in Windows Movie Maker.

Satire - Exploring Multi-Media Satires and Creating a Satire

Students watch online satire samples and comment on their satirical value on a blog. They also have an option to use VoiceThread to continue exploring concepts of satire and parody. Students then create their own satire in a multi-media format.

See this project on Learn NC!

Health Factors around the World

Students used Culture Grams and then a multi-media software package of their choice to communicate learning about health factors impacting cultures around the world. Students compared other cultures with the United States.

-- a SMART Notebook software lesson to move students through this project

Wordle a Research Topic - www.wordle.net (and www.tagxedo.com)
When students select a research topic, they often are unaware of the full details of a topic or the connections it may have to other topics. To have students develop a better understanding of their selected research topic, students find an article on their topic in Wikipedia. Students copy and paste the article or the url into Wordle and create a tag cloud. From that tag cloud, students study the results and identify the words that appear the most. This information allows students to develop a broader base of understanding about their topic, develop a stronger research question, and find key words to help them research more information about their topic. At the end of their research, students may create a Tagxedo word cloud of their own research paper--Tagxedo allows users to create tag clouds in specific shapes.