VoiceThread - A collaborative, multimedia slide show, each VoiceThread allows individuals to add images, documents, and videos with comments. The creator and/or audience can leave comments via microphone/telephone, text, audio files, or video/webcam.

Tone VoiceThread
As part of their study of Romeo and Juliet and poetry in English I, students developed a stronger understanding of tone and build a stronger tone vocabulary. Based on a list of tone words provided by their classroom teacher, students worked to identify what tone was evident in each image on the VoiceThread.
http://voicethread.com/share/1253069/ With each comment, students were also required to provide evidence for their selected tone.
In order to differentiate, students were divided into small groups based on their needs and assigned level-appropriate poems to study. After analyzing each poem, the small groups completed a graphic organizer and then created a poster to include all the information from the graphic organizer and to include images found in magazines.

Spanish Tours - Colleges and Schools

Students in Spanish - Level IV/V - created a tour of a college or our school using VoiceThread to practice verbal skills and practice recording in one session to have an experience similar to future assessments.

Assignment Handout with Links: