There's a better way for students to create a timeline than getting out a huge sheet of poster paper, a ruler and a pencil and creating it from scratch. Timeglider is a free online timeline creator that allows students to chronologically order events. Students can include text, link each event to a webpage, imbed pictures and video into their timeline creating an interactive experience. The timeline is housed on the web providing access for teachers and students.

For this project, students were required to research events from WWII and create an interactive timeline. They were required to have a description of the events, a link to the webpage where they got their information and a picture of their event. After researching the events, their teacher had them descibe the most important event of the war and why they thought it was most important. This critical analysis of the events of the war ensured that students gained knowledge about several events, evaluated their impact on society and supported their position with evidence from their research.

Here is a sample of a student's Timeglider project:

World War II--Timeglider