Prezi is essentially a presentation tool allowing users to "zoom" from different points, documents, images, etc. in a presentation. It is a useful tool for teachers to use in instruction and/or students to use during a presentation.

Prezi "Cheat Sheets" -- Getting started handouts for students and for teachers in a professional development situation. The online tutorials that are part of Prezi are also great ways to get started!

Forensic Science Reading and Prezi:
In order to integrate reading literacy in Forensic Science, all students are required to select and read a fiction novel that contains crime scenes with scientific evidence and medical techniques used in forensics. Over the course of several weeks, students read in class for fifteen minutes on Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays; if necessary, students completed their novel outside of class as homework. Students were responsible to track the sequence of events revealed in their novel--nature of the crime(s), evidence found, and investigative techniques used. To differentiate with students, book talks and book recommendations were provided with individual students based on their reading ability levels. Since some of the novels contain adult material, a parent approval form was sent home.

Upon completion of their novels, students returned to the library media center to receive instruction on using Prezi from a librarian. Students used Prezi to track the evidence revealed in their novels. Selecting Prezi rather than another presentation tool like Photo Story was important because Prezi allows students to develop their presentation on a large canvas and then organize their thoughts through a "path." Students were also required to complete a magazine interview of one of the main characters from the novel.
Sample provided to students:

In Spanish, teachers and a media specialist selected Prezi for an inquiry project related to taking a pilgrimage. Our goal was for students to research pilgrimages across different cultures and practice language skills to plan an imaginary pilgrimage. We selected Prezi because a pilgrimage involves exploring a path through different places and Prezi works on a "path" of different points, images, documents, etc.

This project helped teachers meet the "Global Awareness" sections of their teacher evaluation tool because students researched pilgrimages taken around the world by different cultures and religions. They then applied what they learned about these cultures' pilgrimages to their own lives and interests. The application and synthesis of information allowed students a chance to learn with higher level thinking skills rather than the previous class project that only involved students summarizing information from the text book.

Here are some student work examples:

For this project, I created a template - so in terms of differentiation, students with advanced technology skills or more comfort with technology could start with a blank Prezi canvas and students who need more guidance could use the template and just focus on the language skills more than the technology. Here is a link to the template:

In a similar project, students completed a virtual tour through an art exhibit using Prezi. Here is the sample/template created for that Spanish class:

Assignment Handouts:
This handout was created collaboratively with two Spanish teachers and the school librarian using Google Docs

This document is projected to guide students in getting started and thinking about technology on the 2nd work day

These directions were handed to students as they entered the media center to get them started on their research for the art exhibit

This document was projected to guide students in getting started on the 2nd day

BED Prezi/PhotoStory--After an Early Release Professional Development presentation that featured Prezi and PowerPoint, the BED Teacher at Heritage High School wanted to have his students create a presentation around conflict resolution. Each student was to create an individual presentation. While the teacher wanted to challenge his students, he realized that some would be intimidated. He differentiated the product, letting students choose between using Prezi and PowerPoint to present their ideas as they relate to conflict resolution. While many used PowerPoint, others used Prezi to present solutions to conflict resolutions.