PhotoStory 3 - an oldy but a goody if you are still using Windows XP - students can create slide shows/movies quickly and include text in the form of titles, sound (music and voice recording) and transitions in between images.

Greek Art History Photo Story:
Rather than receive class notes and textbook readings to memorize, students work in small groups to research an assigned aspect of Greek art history. They will present their research using Photo Story by becoming "experts" on their assigned topic (Greek architecture, sculpture, pottery, or art) in order to teach the class about the evolution of their assigned component. Students use the library's resources, and rely quite heavily on the media center's e-books. Each student from the group is required to participate from the research, to the script writing, to the movie narration.

Student Samples:

Sociology - Public Service Announcement

In previous semesters, our sociology teacher had his students choose a non-profit organization, research it and create a poster advocating for support of that organization. This project helped students see beyond themselves and work with others - an important 21st Century Skill. To integrate technology, utilize more innovative teaching materials and reach more students, we revamped the project to have students finish with a Public Service Announcement multi-media project rather than "just" a poster. The most effective movies are shown on our school video announcements and the class works together to collect money for the organization.

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ESOL "Telling our Stories" at the International Festival

To reach a broad audience, help others understand our school collections to the broader world, and help ESOL students practice speaking English, one of our ESOL teachers collaborated with a media specialist to have her students create "StoryCorps" like projects. These were recorded on PhotoStory with students including their own photographs or internet images that helped tell their story. The strongest works were shown as part of the school/community International Festival in 2010. In 2011, the project has expanded to include an English 11 class. The class is working collaboratively with the ESOL class to tell the story of another generation in their family - students interviewed a family member, shared results with students from the other class and worked together to select the most important information. Then students helped each other completed PhotoStories retelling the narrative of their family member. These stories will become part of the International Festival.

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