NoodleTools - an online citation creator and much more! Students/Teachers can create multiple projects and maintain their bibliographies, note cards and essays (if written in GoogleDocs) - students can also use NoodleTools to stay organized by creating "To-Do" lists and outlines for different projects. Through the sharing feature students can share lists with peers and teachers. Users can create free starter accounts or create a subscription account individually or through a school/library.

NoodleTools Tutorials -

English II - Research Paper w/ NoodleTools:
All students in English II are required to complete a research paper. This may be the first time that students have completed a full research paper, so scaffolded activities are implemented throughout the semester to encourage students' success. For this English II project, students select a topic of global concern to research background information and a possible solution. Students' final product - usually a Photo Story - is intended to serve as a Public Service Announcement or documentary in order to bring awareness to this global issue. The classroom teachers differentiate between the Honors English II and English II by altering the number of authoritative sources required, the length of the paper, and the final Photo Story project.

Students spend one day in a computer lab to set up their NoodleTools account. All students locate and read the same database article from the online database Global Issues in Context. This article is based on what is occurring in their class at that time. Students practice citing the article in NoodleTools and taking notes. When students return to the classroom with their citations and notes, students work in groups to write a paragraph in order to practice transferring notes to a written product.

Common Article for Students to Practice Online Citations and Note-Taking Skills:

After at least one week, the full research project begins. A librarian leads a 45-minute classroom introduction to help students select a topic and learn more about source evaluation. On the following day, students are given screen shots from various sources (including online databases) in order to practice citing the sources in NoodleTools. The students may work in small groups or individually, depending on their ability level. Additionally, teachers work with individual students to ensure that students' topics are approved.

Classroom Introduction PowerPoint:
Screenshot Classroom Activity:

When students visit the library to research, a librarian provides further NoodleTools instruction in citing resources, taking notes in NoodleTools, and sharing work with their teacher for assessment. Students continue to collect authoritative research sources, create citations, and take notes in the media center. The classroom teacher schedules additional days for students to work in the classroom and a computer lab to write their final research paper and receive instruction in using Photo Story.