Not all good technology integration comes from Web 2.0 tools - teachers can use more traditional technologies like Microsoft Office to do innovative projects with students that help them think. Here are are few ideas!

PowerPoint in Physics!

A physical science teacher wanted to be sure his 10th grade students understood the laws of motion. Instead of having students simply memorize the definitions, we asked students to develop real world examples and then use "motion paths" in PowerPoint to animate their examples and prove they could apply the definition. This meant students had to use higher level thinking skills to apply what they learned in class. So, even thought PowerPoint is a more traditional technology tool, in this case it became innovative as students learned a new feature of the technology and demonstrated learning. This project was completed in non-honors classes.

Power Point Template with Directions for Students:

Student Samples:

Joyce Valenza's PowerPoint Revised Links:

Excel in Algebra!

It's not a stretch to use Excel in Algebra 1, but it is difficult for math teachers to integrate Global Awareness into their curriculum. This data collection and matrices project allows students to learn about another country, collect their own data and practice skills in matrices for the EOC. Students use Culture Grams (a database provided by Ebsco) to collect data. If this database is unavailable, students could collect data from GapMinder.

Assignment Handout:

Creating Graphic Organizers in Word 2007+

Using Smart Art in Word can lead to creation of attractive, well-organized graphic organizers that help kids keep track of research and process information. In this project, I collaborated with a CTE teacher in a Foods I class to help students apply the USDA food pyramid to other countries. Students used the graphic organizer created in Word and the database Culture Grams to gain global awareness and compare other countries with the United States.

Assignment Graphic Organizer: