Glogster - a web 2.0 online poster creator with options to create free classroom accounts and allow a teacher to manage multiple student accounts. Users can integrate sound, images, text, video, links, etc. - Glogster's public website - Glogster's educator website providing for teacher accounts w/ student sub-account

Personal Glog - Health and P.E.:
Students in PE created a glog to introduce themselves to the teacher. In the Glog, they included information about where they were from, what their strenghts and weaknesses are, funny moments from their lives and other information that would help their teacher know more about them. They did not present the Glogs to the class.

Child Development Career Glog:
Part of the child development curriculum includes researching careers in child care. Each student was assigned a career to research. Using COIN Career Database, available on NC WiseOwl, students chose a career to research. They also used the Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook ( Once they had their content researched, they created a "Help Wanted" advertisement on their career using Glogster. Here's the lesson plan used with this assignment:

Hero Glogster - English I / 9th grade:
A library media specialist provided a 45-minute introduction using Prezi in each English I classroom in order to guide students through the research assignment and the research project following the MHS Inquiry Model adopted from Newport News, Virginia, Public School (see below). During the research introduction, students selected an inspirational hero and completed the introduction handout. This introduction allowed students to begin to Question and Plan for their research time in the media center. In order to Collect and Credit, students researched their selected individual using Encyclopedia Brittanica (via NCWiseOwl -, book sources (including e-books), and websites. As part of the English department's vertical alignment, students in English I do not use NoodleTools, but are required to write citations by hand. By the end of their research, students were able to synthesize and communicate their information. To differentiate between students' skills and ability levels to Synthesize ( ) and Communicate, students in Honors English I, submitted a portfolio of their work, created a brief research paper with a Works Cited page, and created a glog. Students in a regular English I class submitted a portfolio of their work, created a glog, and created a Works Cited page.
Inquiry Research Model, adopted from Newport News, VA, Public Schools

English I Research Introduction using Prezi:

Student samples:

Substance Abuse Glog - Health Literacy
Glogster is an online poster maker that you can use in a number of innovative ways. It is a good product that you can have students create at the end of a research project. In addition to adding content, students can imbed audio, video and web links to make their poster more interactive. This project was created as a result of a collaboration with a Phys Ed teacher who wanted her students to study abused substances as part of their classroom lesson time. We decided to use Glogster instead of a paper or poster. Students researched their topic on the first day using online databases, e-books and links that had been uploaded to the teacher’s Blackboard page. On the second day, the student's received instruction on how to create their Once the Glog was finished students emailed it to their teacher. This was a collaborative lessons where students worked together to achieve a learning goal, evaluated resources, selected the information they needed from the resources, used a variety of media to communicate their information to the class and presented their researched information to their teacher.

Example--Substance Abuse Glog

Responsibility and Ethics Glog - French
In the past, students learned the language structure of "rules" by creating a poster about classroom and/or school rules. With Glogster they were able to create written rules and practice verbal language skills by using the recording feature. (If there are problems with the recording feature, students can also record in Audacity and then upload the .wav file to Glogster. The example is in English - students completed their Glog in French.