Animoto - - a web 2.0 multi-media slide show application - free starter accounts and additional access available to educators who apply for an educator account.

Choral Music Video/Trailer -
Students were assigned groups and a musical selection by their Chorus teacher. Each group researched information about the song based on their natural curiosity about the song - composer, lyrics, history of the time period, composer's inspiration, etc. Based on their research, each group collected pictures. In the classroom, students were required to complete an Animoto Storyboard before returning to the media center to create their music video. At the end of the project, students completed a formative assessment about what they learned from their music and technology because of this assignment. The best video from each class was selected to be presented at their Chorus Concert.
Student sample that was shared with students:

Students' formative assessment was created using Google Docs. Use these directions to create your own form/survey/assessment:

Here is what some students had to say in their assessment feedback about this project:


Discrete Math Product Animoto -
Students were assigned to small groups in their Discrete Math class. Using CultureGrams, each small group selected a third-world country or area of the world to research. Students completed the research proposal handout to identify the needs that the people of their selected country faced and develop a marketing plan for a product to correct that problem.

Students worked with their discrete math teacher to develop the product and marketing plan information for their project. At the culmination of their project, students created a final advertisement using Animoto to target their audience and present their research and product information.